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    24 Custom Proline Bay

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Saturday, Mar 30 2013

Crystal River Mixed Bag....

A nice mixed bag today out of Crystal River with Bill and Ryan on board and this father and son team did great. We left from Pete's Pier Marina and began the day offshore on some rock piles jigging for trout. We caught several blue fish right off the bat and they are always a fun fight on light tackle. Along with the blues, we caught some sea bass and mackerel to add to the mix and the trout turned on later. We left the south rocks, ran North and with MirrOlure Lil' Johns in hand; and caught some beautiful trout. I made a quick last minute stop in hopes of finding a red fish, but there no takers today. I thank you both for a fun day and congratulations on a fine catch... Capt. Dan
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We hit it out of the park today! Myself and Capt. Mark Zorn fished the Kilebrew party for an excellent day of Crystal River Fishing. I had Bob, Greg and Brad on board and the trout fishing couldn't have been better. From the oyster bars to the rock piles, the trout action was excellent. My team primarily used MirrOlure Lil' Johns in the new Bourbon color (I really like this color, and so do the fish) on 1/8th oz DOA cal jig heads. We had some added bonus species for the day including snook, pompano and Spanish mackerel. The entire group did oustanding with both boats bringing in their limit of trout and Capt. Z had several more macks to end the day. I thank you all for the great time and for more pictures, please visit the Crystal River Fishing facebook page... Capt. Dan
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We got rained on a little today, but it didn't slow my solo guest Fernand down from a great days fishing. I met Fernand at Pete's Pier Marina this morning and we shoved off in hopes of a limit of trout. The day began using jerk baits around the shallow oyster bars and in less the 20 minutes, we had 6 beautiful trout to show for our efforts. The quality of the trout were great and a couple were over the 20" mark. We left the shallows and worked a variety of rock piles around some spoil islands and finished up our limit. Glow and bourbon were today's hot colors and to end the day, we even released a couple more trout on DOA deadly combos. I thank you for a wonderful day and enjoy the fresh fish... Capt. Dan
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Someday's, you hit it just right! With the barometer dropping before tomorrows front, today's action was unbelievable. The gulf reached the 60 degree mark and it seemed as if the fish came out of hibernation. John and Kelli were on board with me today and for the first part of their vacation, it truly began with a bang. We targeted the rock bars today with MirrOlure Lil' John's in the new bourbon color and it was the magic color. This color is similar to the root beer color, but more translucent and can be found exclusively a Blue Water Tackle in Homosassa. The trout bite and the additional bonus species were great and several trout were over the 20" mark. The team did beautifully catching their limit of trout and our next stop with the tide topping out, was a couple red fish points. The action was slow for the first couple places, but the last spot, we hit the money. We hooked into eight red fish on free lined live shrimp, with a couple nice keepers to end our day. I thank you both for the very memorable day and congratulations on a fine day of fishing... Capt. Dan
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Thursday, Feb 21 2013

Crystal River Mixed Catch...

A beautiful day on the Gulf of Mexico with Chris and John on board. The guys weren't to serious about loading up the cooler with fish, so we made a long run south, did some scouting and checked out some early spring locations. Much like yesterday, the bite was quite slow for the the majority of the morning hours. We picked up an assortment of fish here and there and made a stop or two for sheepshead; but they were no where to be found.  Finally, when the late afternoon outgoing tide started running, the trout turned on. We had some awesome action for 30 minutes with a fish on almost every cast and the guys just kept enough for their family's. I really enjoyed the day with you both and enjoy tonight's fresh catch... Capt. Dan
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Well, today's header pretty much sums up the weather conditions for the day. Ice on the boat in the morning, a cold 15mph NE wind and a much warmer afternoon. Phil was my guest today from Pennsylvania and after having to cancel the last two days from this last cold front, it's always great to be back on the water. The morning for us was quite slow and did I mention "cold" - and really, the fishing didn't get going until after noon. The conditions were improving through out the afternoon and allowed us to made a run offshore. The sheepshead action was very good and we caught some beautiful sheepshead and other mixed species. To finish up the afternoon, we targeted some shallow oyster bars and caught some hefty trout on DOA glow colored jerk baits. I thank you Phil for the great time and look forward to seeing you again soon... Capt. Dan
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I can hardly believe were in December with this beautiful weather were having. We're so blessed, and the fishing is truly fantastic. Today's Crystal River Charter was a great one and I had the pleasure of having Hazel and Bill on board for the day. These couple requested plenty of action and I delivered. We had an outstanding day targeting a mixed bag of species. Trout, grouper, sea bass, flounder, mackerel and other odds and ends kept the rods bent during the day. The abundance of Spanish Mackerel right now was surprising and we caught our fair share and lost many, many jigs to them today. The gulf has warmed to 66 degrees offshore and the action should remain great until a cold front comes through. I really enjoyed today with you both and congratulations on a fine day out of Crystal River... Capt. Dan
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Wow!  Great weather, perfect tides and hungry trout... its been a great couple of days. I had a wonderful full day Crystal River charter with Kit, Dave and Matt on board and we hit the hot trout bite. Once again, we were loaded with MirrOlure Lil' john's, worked the outer bars and it was some truly fantastic action. The guys caught their limit and some beautiful Crystal River trout were brought in. We had a few mixed species as well, including some mackerel, red fish and black drum. A great day on the water and I thank you all for the fun time... Capt. Dan
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The gulf warmed to 66 degrees today and the slightly warmer temperature, turned the fish on. I had the pleasure of having the DeSart family on board and these gentlemen had it as good as it gets. Leaving from Pete's Pier Marina, we made our run to some shallow bars and jigged up some trout. We used an assortment of MirrOlure Lil' John jigs ranging from glow, watermelon, root beer and chartreuse and all the above colors worked equally well. A mixed catch of mackerel, sea bass, pompano, red fish etc... filled out the day and I can't thank you all enough for the fun time. I look forward to fishing with you all again and congratulations on an outstanding catch... Capt. Dan
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Thursday, Oct 18 2012

Homosassa Grouper Delight....

We hit it as good as it gets today out of Homosassa and Bill, Karen and Len had a fantastic day. I met the crew just after 8am at Macrae's and made our way offshore Homosassa and the grouper bite was on. We trolled our plugs over a couple different strucutres and had our limit of hefty gags. The grouper bite was great and our next plan was adding some tasty grunts to our catch. We anchored up over some shallower rocks and caught a variety of grouper, grunts and mackerel to keep us busy. To top off the day, we made a quick drift inshore, picked up a couple keeepr trout and called it a day. i can't thank you all enough for such a great time and congragulations on your outstanding day.. Capt. Dan
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