• Captain Dan Clymer
    Captain Dan Clymer

    Crystal River Fishing Charters & Homosassa Charters

    I provide full or half day inshore and offshore fishing charters in the Crystal River and Homosassa areas. I have a lifetime of knowledge on Citrus County's waters and look forward to a memorable day on the water with you.
  • 24 Custom Proline Bay
    24 Custom Proline Bay

    My boat is a custom one of a kind Proline 24 Bay

    I designed it and specially it built for my chartering business right here in Homosassa. It handels the shallow flats and offshore seas with ease and it's an extremely comfortable dry ride. It's powered by the finest; a 225 Mercury Optimax Saltwater series engine.
  • Silver King 16 Signature
    Silver King 16 Signature

    A legendary skiff and "THE" tarpon skiff for fishing the Crystal River & Homosassa River area.

    I have it custom rigged with dual 109 lb thrust 36 volt trolling motors, elevated casting platform and powered by the finest - a 115 Pro XS Mercury Optimax.
Another outstanding day with Phil on board and I don't believe you could have asked for a more perfect day. We started today's Crystal River charter making our way to the grouper grounds and trolling up some gags. The action was great and would have been even better, but we had to battle the floating grass for a little while. Phil had his limit and we ran to one of my favorite rocks and the Spanish mackerel were eating the bottom out of the boat. As we hooked the mackerel, the mangrove snapper came off the bottom and were in a frenzy. I was catching the snapper and Phil was taking care of business on the macks. With our arms sore and catching and releasing several others, we called it a day. Today was definitely one to remember and I can't thank you enough for such a great time. Here's Phil with another outstanding catch to take back to Pennsylvania... Capt. Dan
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A foggy start to this mornings Crystal River Charter and Phil was back in town from Pennsylvania, ready to catch some fish. We began today's trip casting plugs on the shallow ledges and in just a matter of minutes, Phil had his limit of beautiful grouper. On our next stop, we anchored on the rocks and filled the cooler with a mixed bag of groceries for a few fish fry's for Phil to take home. The action was great and to top off the day, we drifted the shallow "yellow" hard bottom areas off the keys and topped off a fine limit of trout. It was as good as it gets today and I can't thank you enough for an excellent day. Here's Phil with quite the catch... Capt. Dan
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Hello everyone, today was one of those magical October days where everything comes together just right. Merrill, Robert, and Chuck were my guest today for their annual October grouper trip and we hit it out of the park. We left from Pete's Pier Marina, filled the live well with frisky live pin fish and headed West. A beautiful day and we began dropping some live baits on one of my favorite ledges. A quick keeper came aboard and several break offs soon followed. It's always frustrating loosing grouper, but it's part of the game in such shallow water bottom fishing. Mid morning, the tide was getting just right to drag a plug and the gags were in a aggressive mood. Each pass produced a keeper gag and one was in the upper teens. The group reached their limit and we ran to a shallow rock for a mixed bag. Once anchoring, the pompano were swarming the boat and we had a ball. An awesome mixed catch of the usual species , but several pompano were added as well. I can't thank you all enough for a great day and congratulations on a fantastic day... Capt. Dan
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Friday, Oct 11 2013

Homosassa Big Haul....

Quite the catch today out of Homosassa and myself and fellow Homosassa Guides Association Captains Mark Zorn, William Toney and Rick Spratt had a good one. My crew was Lyle, Tom and Chuck and these gentlemen had a fine mixed bag of grouper, trout, sea bass, grunts and Spanish Mackerel. Slick calm seas made for easy running and we were able to do a little bit of everything. The other guides did fantastic with big mixed bag catches too and Capt. Toney did outstanding bringing in his limit of trout. It's always a special day when the fishing is this good and I thank you all for the great time. Here's the Turman party with an impressive day on the water... Capt. Dan
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A comfortable day on the Nature Coast with Len, Karen and Bill being my guest for the day and we caught some fish. Leaving from Pete's Pier Marina at 8am, there was just enough tide to stop and hopefully find red fish or two. We pulled up to a key with plenty of mullet activity, a steady outgoing tide and found a couple small red fish. No keeper sized again, but fun all the same. The next stop was pulling out the cork rigs and finding a couple trout. The action was fair with trout, sea bass, lady fish, blue fish and several lizard fish. DOA deadly combos rigged with bourbon Lil' Johns put the keepers in the cooler. To end the trip, we tried a couple passes to troll up a grouper, but the floating grass on the inshore locations fouled the plugs and is here to stay until we get a good NE cold front or two. A fun day and I always enjoy fishing with you all... Capt. Dan
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A special day with a special couple. I had Bill and Nell on board out of Pete's Pier today and we caught a little variety and celebrated Bill's 86th birthday. For sure fire action and to the keep the rods bent, I ran back a little ways offshore and fished the shallow rock piles. Steady action with snapper, grunts, jacks, lady fish and grouper made up the majority of the day. We had a little birthday lunch celebration and finished out the afternoon trying to tackle a red fish. We saw a couple, but no takers for the team today. i thank you both for a wonderful day and have a very special birthday Bill... Capt. Dan
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Saturday, Sep 07 2013

Team Reel Adrenaline...

A fantastic day out of the Plantation on Crystal River and I had some special guests on board. I had the husband and wife team of Reel Adrenaline energy drinks on board and they had a day. Steve and Amber did a great job from a variety of species on the rock piles to jigging up a fine catch of trout. The bite was great all day and even though it was a little bumpy in the morning, the afternoon calmed down nicely. Live shrimp on the rock piles brought in the snapper, grunts, jacks and grouper. While the Mirrolure Lil' Johns tackled the trout, sea bass, cobia and blue fish. On the way home, I made a quick stop in the Salt River and Steve added a fine red fish to end the day. I thank you all for great time and please give Reel Adrenaline energy drinks try. They taste great and keep you going strong through out the day... Capt. Dan
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Thursday, Sep 05 2013

Homosassa Variety & Hot....

What a hot one on the big pond today.... I was at the Homosassa Fishing Club with my great friend Capt. Mark Zorn and we fished the Maddox party out of Homosassa. I had Dr. Coco and Mr. Maddox for the day the day and we made our run west to the rock piles to get the day going. Steady action with snapper, grunts, grouper and mackerel filled the cooler and the Hank Brown jig heads with a live shrimp did the trick. The guys had a cooler full of assorted goodies, so we made our way back inshore with the incoming tide and found a couple nice red fish. Back inshore, it was a hot one with hardly any breeze, but we toughed it out and had a wonderful day. Here's our end of the day shot and I thank you all for the fun day... Capt. Dan
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A special day with old time clients and excellent fishing. On today's charter myself and Capt. Mark Zorn fished the Homosassa Fishing Club, but we brought the guys up to Crystal River for a change of scenery. I had John and Carter on board and Carter is a legend in his own right and has been fishing these water for over 70 years (you should here how the fishing in this area used to be). It was a treat for me to show him the Crystal River area and we had a ball. To start the day, I made a run offshore to some of my favorite rocks and the grunts, mackerel and snapper fishing was non stop. John caught a surprise catch I don't see everyday and actually brought aboard two trigger fish to add to the species list. With a cooler "full" of fish, we spent the afternoon working the creeks and landing some really hefty back country red fish. Free lining live shrimp around the rocky points did the trick and the guys had a wonderful day. Here's Carter with today's big red fish and I thank you for the fun time... Capt. Dan
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Wow, was it ever rough out there today. A howling East wind and we definitely had to have our sea legs. Lee and Clell were on board with me for the day and we left from Pete's Pier Marina ready to tackle some trout. I made the run south to the offshore grass patches that have been holding the trout, and we found them. We had nine good keeper trout before the conditions deteriorated so much and chased us inshore. We made a quick drift in 4ft of water just outside Mangrove Pt. and picked up our other keepers to top off out limit. Motor oil DOA jerk baits and bourbon Lil' Johns were today's flavors of the day. We had a couple other species to add to the catch and we called it a day. I thank you guys for the fun time and congratulations on a great catch in "less than favorable" conditions... Capt. Dan
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