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Saturday, Nov 15 2014

Crystal River Trolling Gags...

It was day two with the West family and Tom and his dad Herbert had a ball. The weather was much more favorable today and we were able to spend more time tackling some grouper. However, I took a minute and a quick stop in the river to catch a couple snook before we headed West. After a couple small fun sized snook, we made our run to 20ft of water and put out the plugs. I stayed off Crystal River today and even though the water is dirty, we trolled up a fine limit of gags. They were wanting natural colors and only one came on a orange Rapala x-rap 20. To end our trip, I anchored up on a small rock and found some early arrival sheepshead and a few grunts to wrap up our day. I thank you both for a fun couple of days and look forward to seeing you soon... Capt. Dan

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I'm not a weather man, but I believe it's going to be a chilly winter. Today was a cold one for sure, but Tom and Herbert bundled up and we went for a ride. I began the day with the father and son team and we caught a couple river snook to get the day going. We had one nice slot fish on, but chewed through the leader and the others were in the 15"-20" range. Next, we hit the gulf and in the choppy conditions; we were able to troll up a pair of gags. A hard effort to catch some, but we made it happen. Thank you both for the great time and look forward to our next trip... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Nov 13 2014

Flat Calm Grouper...

What a day! Calm sea's, cleaner water and the gags were feeding aggressively. I had my good friends and clients on board; Clell, Lee and Roy for the day day and it was awesome. Not a ripple on the gulf and it was smooth sailing to our destinations. The team did fantastic trolling up a beautiful limit of gags and our next step was anchoring down and catching some grunts. The grunts were hammering the shrimp and it was three on at a time. Roy had the lucky rod and landed a beautiful hog fish to add to the catch. A great day and I thank you all for the fun time... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Nov 12 2014

Trolling & Bottom Fishing...

Yesterday was about a tough a day as I've ever had. I tried everything I could, but just couldn't make anything happen. Dirty water and rough sea's, it was challenging. Today however, the sea's calmed and we were able to find some clean water and happy grouper. Mike and Jesse were with me for the day and we trolled up a pair of fine grouper and bottom fished some too. The bite was really good and we actually found a new spot I'm looking forward to getting back to soon. Thank you both for the fun time and look forward to seeing you all soon... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Nov 10 2014

Choppy Trolling...

A choppy one today on the big pond, but Chick and Larry hung in there and trolled up a fine limit. I met the guys just before 8am at Pete's Pier marina and we made our way offshore. As bad as I wanted to make it out the 25ft range, it just wasn't going to happen. So, we stayed in the 10ft range and trolled over various rocks and ledges. We would catch one or two on each spot and soon enough, there was four in the box. A quick anchor on a rock to add a sheepshead and a couple grunts to the cooler; then we called it a day. Thank you both for the great time and congratulations on your first groupers... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Nov 08 2014

Overcast Gags...

Cold and overcast was the weather for the day and the gags were hungry. I had Mishel, Earl and Dan on board for the day and we made our way to about 15ft of water and put out the plugs. I had to cancel yesterdays trip from the high winds of the cold front coming through, but today was much better. The gulf water clarity is still extremely dirty off Crystal River, so you have to do a bit of running to find some cleaner water. When you hit the color change, the fishing has been excellent. Orange Rapala CD plugs were the baits of the day and I can't thank you all enough for the fun time...

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Thursday, Nov 06 2014

Flat Calm Grouper....

Today was the old saying "you could have taken a canoe offshore" kind of day; and I was very pleased to have Joe and Joanne experience it. We left from Pete's Pier just before 9am and made or way offshore. We reached the 25ft range after about a 45 minute run and quickly trolled up a limit of quality sized gag grouper. Rapala x-rap 20's were the plugs of the day and our next target was bottom fishing for a mix of species. Grunts, mango snapper, trigger fish and a hog fish kept us busy and we had a smooth ride home back to the dock. Thank you both for the great time and I'll see you soon... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Nov 05 2014

Crystal River Offshore...

A long time in the making, but I was able to take my good friend Capt. Matt Flemming out today. We left the dock after 8am and made our way south off Crystal River. We fished the 25ft range and though it was a little bit choppy during the morning hours, the seas calmed later in the afternoon. The grouper bite was a slow one with not much happening until the latter part of the day, but they eventually turned on "full moon blues". In between grouper bites, we added a mix of grunts and a couple bonus hog fish to the mix to fill out the day. The water continues to be extremely dirty and trolling isn't all that productive. Bottom fishing is going to be your best bet in the shallow water, until the water clears. Thanks Matt again for a fun day... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Nov 04 2014

Crystal River 20lb club...

An incredible day again offshore Crystal River and we hit the 20lb mark today. Matt and Phil were with me for their final day and they guys hit it out of the park. I ran to one of my favorite grouper ledges, sent down the tread fin herring and "WHAM", it was on. We actually missed the first couple of fish and the hook pulled; but thankfully no break offs to shut the bite down. Matt had big fish honors with a 20lb trophy he turned bottom fishing, which was no easy task and I must say I was thoroughly impressed. The team reached their limit and added a load of grunts to take back to Pennsylvania. Thank you both for a very fun couple of days and always look forward to our charters... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Nov 03 2014

Dirty Grouper....

The gulf may look like chocolate milk from the high seas/winds from Sunday, but the grouper still have to eat. My favorite way to catch grouper as you know is trolling, but with the recent conditions; it was back to bottom fishing. Phil and Matt joined me for the day and we anchored up on a couple breaks and turned some really large gags. Thread fin herring was the bait of the day and no shorts or break offs; just fine quality grouper. We did add a couple sea bass to the mix and an early arrival sheepshead. A fun day and great catch, thank you both once again... Capt. Dan

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