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    Captain Dan Clymer

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    I provide full or half day inshore and offshore fishing charters in the Crystal River and Homosassa areas. I have a lifetime of knowledge on Citrus County's waters and look forward to a memorable day on the water with you.
  • 24 Custom Proline Bay
    24 Custom Proline Bay

    My boat is a custom one of a kind Proline 24 Bay

    I designed it and specially it built for my chartering business right here in Homosassa. It handels the shallow flats and offshore seas with ease and it's an extremely comfortable dry ride. It's powered by the finest; a 225 Mercury Optimax Saltwater series engine.
  • Silver King 16 Signature
    Silver King 16 Signature

    A legendary skiff and "THE" tarpon skiff for fishing the Crystal River & Homosassa River area.

    I have it custom rigged with dual 109 lb thrust 36 volt trolling motors, elevated casting platform and powered by the finest - a 115 Pro XS Mercury Optimax.
Wednesday, Oct 19 2016

Crystal River Grouper...

A grouper kind of day with the Bennett and Bryant family and we had a ball. We covered some ground in the 8ft to 20ft range and the action was pretty good. Several small gags started our day on the outgoing tide, but as it turned; the keepers starting coming in. Natural colored Rapala F-18 plugs were the flavor of the day and everyone did a great job. Enjoy all the fillets and I'll see you next time... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Oct 18 2016

Crystal River Mix...

Another perfect October day with Hillary as my guest for the day, and she did outstanding. The groupers started our day and they cooperated nicely. We fished a couple different drop offs and we caught several shorts, plus a pair of fine keepers. With Hillary's two nice keepers, we ran inshore and picked up some quality trout and a red fish to finish off her day. I had a wonderful time with you and I look forward to next time... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Oct 17 2016

Raised the Bar...

Incredible day with Alyse, Tom and Amanda on board. The family met me at the Plantation on Crystal River and we started the day targeting some grouper. The team did fantastic and brought four nice keeper gags to the boat, with the largest at 17lbs. The grouper bite slowed, so we ran to the outer points and had an awesome red fish bite on free lined live shrimp. While staked out, I saw one of the largest red fish I've ever seen swim by and all I could say was "Oh My Goodness". Well, as luck would have it; I moved to the next point and we got her. Alyse was on the rod and did a beautiful job reeling in this awesome fish. I estimated it to be around 46" and it is by far the largest inshore red fish I've caught on a charter. We took several pictures, revived her and watched her swim away. A truly memorable trip and congratulations to everyone for the excellent day... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Oct 15 2016

Uncle Day...

A fun day with My Uncle Dick visiting from Maine. He is in a band and is performing this week at the Villages Monday and Friday. We had this Saturday scheduled for quite sometime and it was a good one. We started the day trolling up some grouper on Rapala plugs and put a pair of nice gags on ice. For a change of pace, we staked out on some outer points and had some really good red fish action. We released all the red fish and caught several small snook in the back country on jerk baits to wrap up the day. A fun time man and good luck at the "Gig"... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Oct 14 2016

Triple Limit...

I was fortunate to hit the "Rock Star Limit" today with the Short family and we hit the big three. Tim and Jeanne had an awesome day out of Crystal River with some fantastic grouper, trout and red fish action. We began the day on the cork rigs targeting trout and did very well. Watermelon red flak MirrOlure Lil' Johns got the trout going and after a great catch of trout, we ran to the rocks for the grouper. The cooler gulf water temperature turned the gags on and fishing just a couple rocks; we had four fine grouper on ice. To top off the day, I made a run south to the keys and the husband and wife team boated a fine pair of slot red fish to finish the big three. An awesome day and I thank you both for the great day... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Oct 04 2016

Slow Grouper...

A very slow grouper bite today and the bite definitely wasn't on for the gags. Lee and Clell were with me for the day and we sure covered some ground. I fished several ledges and scattered rocks for a couple shorts and 3 break offs. We gave it our best and some days, that's how fishing goes. On the way in though, I made a quick stop on a point and Lee caught a nice red fish, before the rain chased us in. I thank you both as always and I look forward to next time... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Oct 03 2016

Bottom Gags...

A nice shallow water bottom fishing trip today with Linda, Mark and Bill on board. We stayed shallow today in the 10ft range and turned a couple nice gags. Both live and dead baits worked equally well for us and four nice keeper sized grouper came on board. We released several in the 22" to 23" range as well and I thank you all for the fun trip... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Oct 01 2016

Shallow Crystal River Gags...

Finally a good shallow water grouper bite and even though we worked for them, it was good see some quality fish. I had the pleasure of having Dan, Chris and John on board and we jumped around some rocks and the team produced some fine grouper. The grass was just to bad to troll today, so we bottom fished and made it happen. Frozen thread-fin herring was the bait of the day and it actually out produced the live bait. The guys did great turning some fine grouper and we picked up a couple red fish on the way home. I look forward to next time and great job... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Sep 28 2016

Trolling Gags...

A wonderful day with Mishel and Earl and we tried our luck at trolling up some gags. I kept it simple and we just jumped hole to hole and when there wasn't any floating grass, we basically hooked up. The grouper action was excellent and we caught 16 grouper on plugs. Most were on the short side, but we secured a grouper dinner and I always enjoy the days on the water with you both... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Sep 26 2016

Crystal River Gags...

Tom, Chris and Jim were my guys today and these gentlemen from the Villages did outstanding. Grouper was our species for the day and the bite was pretty good. We bottom fished the 30ft range and an assortment of baits got the job done. I will say though, that cut grunt heads did produce the bigger bites. The team did great and congratulations on turning some fine grouper... Capt. Dan

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