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Wednesday, Jun 28 2017

Tough Tarpon...

Always a fun time with Joe on board and for today's trip, tarpon were on the target list. I did make a couple stops on the way out for red fish and Joe secured a fine upper slot fish for his dinner. We left the keys and went to the tarpon grounds. Well, to say the least - the tarpon were tough. The wind swap out of the East had them just rolling up and down and not "in a happy" mood. We tried an assortment of live and artificial baits, but wasn't meant to be. Still, it's always great to be in fish, see them roll and I thank you Joe as always for the fun time... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Jun 27 2017

Crystal River Mix...

A good mix with yesterdays team on board again and we had a great day. Our trip began leaving from the Plantation on Crystal River and we got a jump on the outgoing tide for the red fish. Well, we hit it good and one stop produced three fine slot red fish as they cooperated on live shrimp on a jig head. Next though, I ran offshore a bit to some ledges and had some steady action with the mango's, grunts, small gags and a beautiful hefty cobia. The gang was all smiles and I thank you for two great days of fishing... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Jun 26 2017

Slow Offshore...

It was a toasty one offshore today with Chris, Mike and Kathy on board and the gags were just not in a feeding mood. I jumped around all day hitting some of my favorite bottom structures, but it just wasn't happening. The usual grunts, mango's and macks kept us busy, but the grouper we on lock down. I talked to the deep offshore captains as well, and it was just an off bite kind of day. We did score a nice keeper though and had plenty of goodies with the other fish. Always a fun time and I'll see you all tomorrow... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Jun 25 2017

At the Vise...

A couple days of much needed catch up and I've been busy at the fly tying vise in preparation for my yearly Wyoming trip. I'm less than 2 weeks away and I needed to begin filling up the fly boxes. The prediction this year is a later run off due to the high snow pack, so I'm tying more streamer style flies to cover the current conditions. The weeks forecast looks pretty good and I'll see you all on the water.... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Jun 21 2017

4 Days of Snook...

We finished up Jim's final day with another solid snook catch and we reached double digits on numbers of fish again. This particular week has been terrific for snook action and it worked out perfect, since the winds were up for the tarpon game. We used one lure, the DOA glow jerk bait and 40lb leader; which we even had a couple fish chew through the heavy leader too. It was a blast being in the back country most of the trip and I thank you for four memorable days. I'll see you in Wyoming soon my friend... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Jun 20 2017

Yankeetown Snookin"...

An exploring day with Jim again on board and we ran "out of my comfort" zone and did some looking around. I ran to the North side of the county and we eased in some of the creeks I looked at on google earth. The tide was incoming which I definitely wanted to be and just reading the water, we had an awesome trip. Fish like structure no matter where they are and we applied the tactics and did well. Him and I caught a few snook, trout, jacks, saw numerous giant black drum and a bonus flounder. Another fun day and a new area to keep working on... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Jun 19 2017

Hot Homosassa Snook...

It seems to be a pattern - the lousy the weather, the better the snook bite. It was day two with Jim on board and we hit the snook right on target. Yesterday was great, but today was spectacular. Just about every where that looked "snooky" produced a real quality line-sider, and the DOA glow jerk baits were our baits of the day. Definitely a day to remember and here's Jim with the big one of the day... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Jun 18 2017

Crystal River Snook...

Hello everyone, well this is my busy time of year with long hours, tarpon and I haven't had a bunch of time to keep the updates coming. The last couple of days have been hit and miss on the tarpon, but today we stuck inside with the snook and did very well. Jim is in town from Oregon and had a great day. He brought in several hefty back country snook and had several shake the hook as well. DOA glow jerk baits were the deal and I thank you for a great day. Jims here for the next couple of days, so were going to do some exploring and see what goodies we can find... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Jun 13 2017

Nice Fish...

A great morning with Jim on board and we found the happy tarpon. Jim and I ran to a channel that had some fish rolling and presented the DOA bait busters once again. An accurate cast and perfect retrieve; Jim actually hooked up on his first cast. A terrific morning, I thank you and congratulations... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Jun 11 2017

Tom's Tarpon on Fly...

A very fun couple of days with Tom on board and he reached the ultimate in fly-fishing - landing a tarpon on the fly. Tom was using one of my personal flies and presented it beautifully to a string of fish. The fourth fish back ate the fly and the fight was on. We got her to the boat with several leader touches and also with a broken rod, which I eventually just popped the leader by hand and let the fish swim away. A great achievement and congratulations Mr. Tom... Capt. Dan

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