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Monday, Jul 31 2017

Reds on Fire...

A perfect morning with Nicole and Joyce on board and the ladies had some fantastic red fish action. We fished the tide today just for red fish and the slightly cooler gulf temperature from yesterday's rain, fired up the red fish. We presented live shrimp and cut bait on the points for our success. The team caught some fine reds to slot size, to over slot and I thank you both for the great morning... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Jul 29 2017

Crystal River Windy Reds...

A stiff West wind today! You have to love it for the water it pushes in, but it limits you to where you can run. Day two with the Bosworth team and red fishing was going to be our game plan for the day. The seas were to rough to go outside, but we had some good red fish action to save the day. I've been using live shrimp most of the time on my recent charters, but today I gave the old cut lady fish a try. Well, it did the trick and immediately we hooked up. In very short time the team caught some fine red fish, but unfortunately that was the only bite to get going today. The winds increased even more, so we called it a day. I thank you all for two great days and I look forward to next year... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Jul 28 2017

Homosassa Gags & Reds...

Day one with the Bosworth team and we left Macrae's at 8am and headed to the red fish points. We just set up on the last minutes of the incoming tide and free lined live shrimp in the mullet schools, for a fine limit of mid slot red fish. The guys did great and the rest of our day we jumped rock to rock catching grunts and grouper. The gags were biting, but most were shy of the keeper size, except Will turned a beauty to seal the deal. A fun time and good action; I'll see you all tomorrow... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Jul 27 2017

Crystal River Mix...

What a great day today with Steve and Billy on board and we ran offshore, where we left them biting yesterday. I got the boat positioned in about 18ft of water and the team sent down some live shrimp. We fished about an hour and a half and we had on stop action with snook, red fish, mangrove snapper, trout, grunts and some gag grouper. A couple of the species were surprises and the abundance of trout offshore, is quite interesting. I believe the hot water temperature sends some of the inshore shore species offshore for comfort and it's always an adventure on the big pond... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Jul 26 2017

Solo Steve...

A great first day back at the office and I had Steve on board solo. Steve and I began our day in the back country catching a couple snook on DOA jerk baits on the outgoing tide. The water dropped out pretty quick, so we made our way West to some rock piles and did well. Steve caught his first cobia and we hit a school of really nice trout on the same rock; which was a really nice surprise - I hope they are there for us again tomorrow. Always a fun time with you buddy and I'll see you in the morning... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Jul 25 2017

All Set!!!

A big thank you to Young Boats in Inglis for all the touch up work on my main guide boat. Young's restoration team is as good as it gets and while I was out West, they make it look brand new. From buffing out and detailing the interior/exterior, new trolling motor and batteries and a new rear deck platform - I'm ready to go. If anyone ever needs and oustanding boat, boat detailing, glass work or installations; I highly recommend them. I'll see you on the water this week.. Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Jul 22 2017

The One!!!

As we just about wrap up our Wyoming vacation, yesterday I was fortunate to catch the one I've been looking for. My wife and I made a several hour drive to a beautiful meadow stream and met my good friend Jim and Dana at the spot. Jim and I headed upstream and the girls took the day off. Jim and I began jumping pool to pool and when it was my turn, I was blessed to hook in to the largest Fine Spotted Cutthroat to date. She ate a madam x dry fly and on my 4wt fly rod, it was a great tug of war. I brought the fish down stream and Jim netted her for me - "it barely fit in the net". I've caught several close to this size and lost a couple larger ones, but this my personal best to date to hand. We took some pictures, revived her and watched her swim away. A fish to remember and a spectacular vacation too... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Jul 17 2017

Streamside Visitor!!!

A surprise guest today as we fished the southern edge of Yellowstone National Park. We made our way North to one of the streams on the parks edge that is loaded with Yellowstone cutthroats and we had a really good couple hours of fishing. There was a caddis and mayfly hatch going on and every pool brought the trout to the top. We all tied on a matching fly and had some really good action. The big excitement though, was encountering a couple grizzly bears just a couple hundred yards away, which we soon quickly exited the stream. Soon enough, we reached our truck and were able to get a "close up" of one of the bears for some great pictures and video. It's always exciting out here and today was no exception... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Jul 15 2017

6 Miles...

A big hike today in the high country and we did a six mile round trip. It took the breath out of me for a bit, but it sure was worth it. We eventually hit a section of stream with some really nice pools and caught some real outstanding cutthroat's. The trout were eager to come to the top for our dry flies and we had some spectacular eats on our fly. A very memorable day and we have about a week left for our trip.... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Jul 12 2017

Idaho Cutt's...

Yesterday was spot on and we spent the day on the Idaho side. My good friend Jim came in to town and we all trekked up one of the streams, we did so well in last year. Once again, Idaho didn't disappoint us and we had 6 hours of fantastic dry fly action. We estimated over 75 trout with most of them in the 10 - 16" range, with a couple hovering around the 20" mark. Becky had big fish honors and a combination of Adams, hoppers and Madam x fly patterns were our fly's of the day... Capt. Dan

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