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Beautiful weather for the Lent party on board today and Karen, Bill and Roland were my guests. I jumped around the same area I was in yesterday and we caught a few fish, but the bite was definitely different; as the dirty water moved in. Slick calm condition's were nice, but no chop on the water can make for a tough bite. A fish here and there was the deal for the day, but we secured a couple good ones. I thank you all as always and I'll be looking forward to next time... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Dec 09 2019

Crystal River Grouper...

Perfect weather and clean water for John and Nelson on board today. I took the the guys up North and they sure did well. They secured a fine limit of gags and even released some real nice fish too. I moved around from various ledges and rocks and all produced well, using live baits. I thank you both and so glad you finally had a great weather day... Capt. Dan.

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Saturday, Dec 07 2019

30ft Mark...

Nice weather again and I pushed out to the magic 30ft mark for our success. Larry and Sarah were my guests and they did really well. I made five stops inshore and unfortunately, we didn't have a bite. We put on our coats and 14 miles later, it was fish on. Four baits, four keepers and the day was made. A great time and I thank you both... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Dec 06 2019

Way South Gags...

A good trip with the Sandhs team as we made our way down South. The conditions were absolutely beautiful today and is was a smooth ride out to 30ft of water. We jumped around from rock to rock with getting action on each drop, but nothing hot and heavy. A couple keepers on each spot was plenty though and we soon filled out our six fish limit. We added a nice tripletail and a couple mango's to finish the day. Great job team... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Dec 05 2019

Much Better Gags...

Much better conditions today and with my man Pat on board, we were able to punch offshore a bit. I took Pat out to 20ft and right away we boated a keeper. That was it though, as I jumped around on a couple other rocks for not to much action. On the fifth drop, we did well and finished them up with some nice gags. Bring your patience game right now if your grouper fishing, as the gulf is pretty chilly... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Dec 04 2019

Slooooow Bite....

Well, It was good to make it out today after the last three days of really cold, windy weather, but the gulf was still churned up pretty good. Larry, Bob and Lauren were my team and we decided to give it a try, but unfortunately it was just to bumpy to get offshore to the clean water. I hit a couple ledges up front, but all we could manage was just a couple bites in the 58 degree water. Big Fish Bob had the hot rod with a couple decent gags and I thank you guys for giving it a try... Capt. Dan

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