We covered  the whole spectrum today, from the inshore flats, to the near shore rock piles. John and Chuck were on board for the day and my only instructions were too keep the rods bent. Stating the day inshore on the trout was a little slow on keepers, but we found a few and lots of shorts to get the day going. I never really like the outgoing tide during the full moon, so I'll blame the slow morning keeper trout bite on that. The seas were favorable to make a run offshore, so we left the trout and loaded up on the mixed species. Keeper sized grouper, sea bass, grunts, mackerel, trout and a pompano made for a very exciting afternoon. The action was great and these guys had a fantastic catch. I thank you both for the fun day and look forward to seeing you soon... Capt. Dan
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When the weathers allows me to get offshore in October, the fishing is usually as good as it gets. This is exactly what Merrill, Lou and Dan experienced this fine day off Crystal River. I met the guys at Pete's Pier Marina and we were ready to troll up some gags. We targeted ledges, rocks and wrecks and all these areas had some very nice keeper sized grouper on them; plus we lost a couple too. Fire tiger, orange and blue mackerel colored Rapala and Yo-Zuri plugs were the top producers today and there was very little floating grass to deal with. Leaving the grouper, we anchored up on a rock pile and caught a multitude of species. The action was non stop and the big and "pleasant" surprise, was hooking into five beautiful pompano to add to our catch. What a perfect day and congratulations on your outstanding catch... Capt. Dan
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All I can say is I wish you all could have been here for today's charter. Beautiful weather, fantastic trout and red fish action and wonderful clients; it was a great day to be a fishing guide. Clell and Lee were on board today out of Pete's Pier Marina and we started the day drifting over some spotty bottom in 8ft of water and the trout were chewing. Once again, the ever reliable MirrOlure Lil' Johns did the trick for the trout and a bonus pompano also came aboard for the day. The trout bite was great and by 11am, we had our limit. The west wind was pushing in the tide perfect, so we tried our luck for some afternoon red fish. Free lining live shrimp in the mullet schools in the back country of Ozello, we caught 1/2 a dozen healthy red fish and called it a day. Thank you guys as always for the great time and look forward to seeing you again soon... Capt. Dan
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Tuesday, Mar 20 2012

Crystal River Assortment...

Two fun days with the Walker family out of Crystal River and this father and son team caught some great fish. Yesterday's full day charter brought a good catch of trout and Spanish mackerel down south on the rock piles. We used an assortment of jigs, but the holographic root beer DOA shrimp and watermelon colored MirrOlure Lil' Johns, were out fishing the glow and whites. On today's 1/2 day trip, we stayed North due to the breezy conditions, worked the outer bars and caught a nice assortment of species. It was choppy, but the guys had their sea legs and did very good with the conditions. I thank you both for a fun couple of days and hope you enjoy the rest of your spring break. We'll see you next time... Capt. Dan
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A beautiful day out of Crystal River with Wes and Kay on board and these gentlemen had a great catch. Leaving from Pete's Pier Marina this morning at 9am, we made our run offshore to the ever reliable bombing range and our mixed bag of species were waiting. It was very calm in the gulf for the first couple of hours of the day and you could see several schools of ballyhoo being harassed mackerel and blue fish throughout the area. To get the bite going with the calm conditions, we used the D.O.A. deadly combos rigged with the holographic root beer shrimp to call up some trout. The trout were very cooperative and the guys put 11 healthy slot trout in the cooler along with a couple pompano, mackerel and blue fish. We didn't have a chance to red fish due to the later tide, but the guys had a fun time and I thank you. Here's Kay and Wes with their Crystal River variety... Capt. Dan
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Thursday, Feb 02 2012

Crystal River "Speck"tacular...

Mike from Texas experienced trout fishing at it finest, out of Crystal River today. We left the dock at 8am sharp and ran down the river, while hungry trout were awaiting us. Using MirroLure Lil' Johns in the glow and watermelon colors, we had our limit in short order. We had a couple mixed variety species as well, including pompano, bluefish and spanish mackerel - spring is on it's way. Our next stop was the offshore ledges is 17ft of water and we found some beautiful sheepshead. It took a little while for the sheepshead bite to get going, but when the tide turned, the sheepies turned on. For an extra bonus, a school of bonito cruised by and Mike hooked up and had a great battle with a poor mans tuna. Great weather, fatastic fishing; it coulnd't had been any better. Thank you for the great time and hope to see you soon... Capt. Dan
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It was a picture perfect day out of Crystal River today and Dr. Joe from South Dakota, had it about as good as it gets. Joe met me at Pete's Pier Marina this morning and he requested targeting some good table fair species. With the tide turning in, we began the day jigging for trout and in just a couple hours, we had our trout limit. The watermelon colored Mirrolure Lil' Johns were the hot ticket for the trout and we also picked up a couple bonus pompano to add to the mix. Leaving the trout, our next stop was some hard live bottom areas and see if we could add some other good eating species to the cooler. Well, the bite was on and numerous sea bass and grunts kept the rods bent and the day was complete with a cooler full of goodies. Thank you Joe for the outstanding day and look forward to seeing you again tomorrow... Capt. Dan
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