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Tuesday, Oct 31 2017

Much Better...

A huge different in conditions and what a difference a day makes. The sea's calmed to glass and at least the trout acclimated to the temperature drop. I had the Keeler team on board and the gang jigged up some nice trout for the morning hours. The water is still quite muddy, but the fish are there. I gave the grouper a try again and I was able to make it out to the 20ft range. We trolled up several shorts and a nice keeper to wrap up the day. The conditions look to be getting better each day this week and thank you all for a fun day... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Oct 30 2017

Rough and Tough...

Just about at tough as it gets today and there just wasn't anything happening. We had a major front come through on Sunday and dropped the gulf water temperature 15 degrees, locking the fish up. Along with the big overnight temperature drop, the gulf went to mud and made grouper fishing non existent. It usually takes a day or so for things to pick back up and we'll be on track again soon... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Oct 28 2017

Gags before the Front...

What a great day with Fehrs party and the gags were happy today. The team and I trolled our way to a fine catch of gags and despite the dirty water, the fish ran down the plugs just fine. Rapala CD 14's were the flavor on the day and very little grass to contend with. We have a big front coming through tonight though and Sunday is going to be chilly and gusty winds. I'm hoping the beginning of the week clears and we can get back on schedule. Great catch today and enjoy the grouper dinners... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Oct 26 2017

Dirty Water Gags...

Our first cold front of the year and we had to put the fleece and jackets on for the ride out this morning. Chris and Gerald were on board with me and grouper once again, was on the menu. Well, the recent front in culmination with all the dirty water from the drainage rivers North of us; has made the gulf a coffee/chocolate mess. I've lived here my entire life and not sure if I've ever seen the gulf so dirty for so long and it will probably be so for a while too. The fish are still there and one has to change tactics a bit to make it happen. The guys today caught a few gags, a couple keepers and lost a few big dogs. The cooler waters will definitely fire up the grouper even more and the season is in full swing now, as long as the weather holds... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Oct 24 2017

Choppy Gags....

You needed a seat belt out there today everybody, but we made it happen. Joe and Joanne were with me for the day and even though it was quite rough, the grouper action was very good. I was able to set up on a couple rocks and the team turned some really nice gags. The water was extremely dirty and surprisingly, the bite was good. A fun time and congratulations on a great catch... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Oct 22 2017

Jamboree Day 2...

Day two at the Homosassa Fishing Clubs Jamboree and for today's trip, we changed it up a bit. There was a 1pm shore-lunch scheduled and with the huge amount of fish brought in by everyone yesterday, we just limited our boats to 5 trout a person. My team started the day out just fine by catching our 5 keeper trout in two short drifts, plus letting a few go. With a little time to kill, I ran to some shallow rock piles and we plugged up some grouper. The guys had a couple just under the 24" mark, but John turned a dandy at over 30". We headed back inshore, prepared a fine shore lunch and I thank you all for the fun two days... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Oct 21 2017

Homosassa Jamboree

Today was the Homosassa Fishing Clubs day one, of their annual Jamboree. 35 club members were in attendance and 12 of the Homosassa Guides Association Captains had a awesome day of fishing. My crew consisted of Butch, Ken and John and these gentlemen had some hot rods. They brought in a beautiful limit of fine trout and a bonus red fish. DOA glow jerk baits were the baits of the day and we ran way south to "Chazz". All the boats brought in very good catches and I thank you all for a great day one... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Oct 18 2017

Fighting the Wind..

It was blowing today folks. I had the pleasure of having the Bennett team on board and we had good time despite the wind. I made a long run south today towards "Chazz" and we used DOA glow jerk baits to tackle our trout. The fish were keying in on the kelp grass patches and we caught only 2 short trout in a couple drifts. The tide wasn't quite right for red fishing, as it's getting later and later each day; but we made a stop and Shane had a nice slot fish to round up the trip. Thank you guys for putting up with the conditions and I look forward to next time... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Oct 16 2017

The Big 3....

What a day to end Phil's last of four days of great fishing, by topping it off with the big three. Phil had quite the day catching a limit of red fish, trout and grouper. I used the tides to plan out the day and we targeted the red fish on the beginning of the incoming tide and then; headed west for the grouper. I stopped on a couple rock piles and we turned two really nice gags in short order. Two of them got the best of us breaking 100lb test line and I sure would of liked to seen them. The tide turned around 1pm and Phil and I jigged up a fine limit of trout on MirrOlure Lil' Johns to end the day. I thank you and the team for four great days of fishing and I look forward to a couple months from now... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Oct 15 2017

Way Offshore...

For today's trip with the boys, we headed West and I had the pleasure of joining my great friend Capt. Clay Shidler aboard his offshore Freeman boat with the team. We ran out to the 60ft range and had a blast. The red snapper catch and release action was fantastic, plus we had some fine gags and a whopper cobia too. Live pin fish were the baits of the day and I must say, our offshore red snapper fishery is quite impressive. I truly believe we released over 50 keeper sized snapper for the day. The big 52lb cobia was the big fish of the day and a fun trip on the big pond... Capt. Dan

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