Saturday, Nov 15 2014

Crystal River Trolling Gags...

It was day two with the West family and Tom and his dad Herbert had a ball. The weather was much more favorable today and we were able to spend more time tackling some grouper. However, I took a minute and a quick stop in the river to catch a couple snook before we headed West. After a couple small fun sized snook, we made our run to 20ft of water and put out the plugs. I stayed off Crystal River today and even though the water is dirty, we trolled up a fine limit of gags. They were wanting natural colors and only one came on a orange Rapala x-rap 20. To end our trip, I anchored up on a small rock and found some early arrival sheepshead and a few grunts to wrap up our day. I thank you both for a fun couple of days and look forward to seeing you soon... Capt. Dan

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I'm not a weather man, but I believe it's going to be a chilly winter. Today was a cold one for sure, but Tom and Herbert bundled up and we went for a ride. I began the day with the father and son team and we caught a couple river snook to get the day going. We had one nice slot fish on, but chewed through the leader and the others were in the 15"-20" range. Next, we hit the gulf and in the choppy conditions; we were able to troll up a pair of gags. A hard effort to catch some, but we made it happen. Thank you both for the great time and look forward to our next trip... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Nov 02 2014

Chilly Sunday....

I wasn't sure what to expect for today's trip with the drastic weather change. It went from Halloween to Christmas over night and it sure was a chilly one out there today. I had Phil on board and we left the dock a bit later around 10am to allow it to warm up and calm down some. To ensure some action, we fished the river and targeted mangrove snapper, trout and snook. We did quite well on all three species and both of our snook today were over 10lbs. I did try some locations on the flats and salt river area, but didn't even have a strike. The rest of the week will be warming and hopefully the outside bite will turn back on... Capt. Dan

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I've been waiting for the trout to turn on, and on today's Crystal River Charter, they finally did. I had the pleasure of having the Spann family on board for the day and with hopes of grouper fishing; today's conditions weren't going to allow us to do so. For a plan B, we drifted off the keys and the trout were on fire. The choppy condition's turned the trout on or they came inshore (which ever, I was glad to see it). For a couple hours, someone had a trout on their line and the action was fantastic. Watermelon red flake MIrrOlure Lil' Jon's under DOA deadly combo corks were the baits of the day and it was fantastic. John broke the ice with a fine river snook to get the day going and it sure was great to see the trout cooperating. Thank you all for the great day and look forward to seeing you next time... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Aug 28 2014

Crystal River Sight Fishing....

I fired up the silver king skiff today and Ray and I did some sight fishing. Today's conditions were perfect for looking for tailing red fish and with a 11am low tide, we poled the flats. We hit the mouth of the river just before 9am, made our run and I hoped on the poling platform. The tide was way low and the red fish had dropped off the shorelines and on the shallow flats. Ray did a fine job catching a couple lower slot red fish on spoons and we had the hook pull on a bruiser that was tailing on the back of a sting ray. A surprise snook again grabbed the spoon off the point of an exposed oyster bar and they are always a welcomed catch. A fun day and I always enjoy poling around and trying to sight fish a few fish... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Aug 27 2014

Homosassa Mix...

A big mix today in Homosassa and we had a slam and then some... I had the pleasure of having Tony, Donna, Chris and Beth on board and we caught the whole spectrum. Trout on DOA deadly combos began our trip just off the keys, but I'll tell you the water is extremely dirty from the high winds from the previous days. With a couple trout in the box, we made a run to the rocks and the water clarity was even worse. I had to fish off my numbers, mark the rocks and fish accordingly. The snapper and grunt bite was great though and a couple grouper kept us busy as well. To end the day on the incoming tide, we hit the outer keys and caught some fine red fish to top off the day. A great day and it was good to see some nice weather again. Thank you all for the great time and here's Chris and Beth with a Homosassa snook... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Aug 17 2014

Offshore Surprises....

A big group today out of the Plantation on Crystal River with fellow Captains Mark Zorn, Rick Spratt, Clay Shidler, Zach Hoffman and Kelly Kofmehel. We had the pleasure of fishing the ATS company and they did awesome. Great catches of red fish, snook, grouper, Spanish mackerel, black drum, flounder and grunts were brought back to the dock. My team did great with some red fish, a limit of mangrove snapper and a couple offshore surprise snook to fill out the day. A great day for the entire group and I thank you all for the fantastic day.... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Jul 24 2014

Back on the River...

As you all probably know, this past Wyoming trip was the best yet and it was sure sad to say good bye. However, today I was back on the big pond and Drew and Carey had a great day. We ran offshore and did some grouper digging for today's Crystal River charter and the guys did well. The team loaded up the live well full of pin fish and we ran West. We fished the 18ft to 20ft range and found the gags. We were able to turn a couple, but the usual break offs got the best of us for the majority of the fish. Another surprise was landing a hefty snook in 20ft of water that hit a pin fish on a bottom rig. A fun day, but a hot one for sure and I thank you both for the great day. Here's Drew with a fine gag from today's trip... Capt. Dan

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A fun time with some good friends visiting from Maine. Rich and Mandy were on board with me and we had a great catch and release trip. I get the pleasure to fish with Rich in Maine on his home brook trout and salmon waters and every once in a while, I get to return the favor down here. I was able to do a couple different techniques today, since there wasn't a request for a cooler full of groceries and we did some plugging for snook. I put the trolling motor down and covered some ground. The team caught a couple nice mid sized snook and numerous jacks to start the day. The jacks always are a favorite to bend the rod and a couple snook in one day is definitely a bonus. To end our trip, we fished way in the back country on the flood tide and added a dozen red fish to our total. A really enjoyable day and I thank you both for the great time. I'll see you tomorrow... Capt. Dan
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Thursday, Mar 27 2014

Crystal River Snook....

A tough one today for big numbers of fish, but my ladies team caught a nice Crystal River slam. Ellie and Ellen were my guests for the day and this was their annual Black Diamond fishing tournament trip. The residents of Black Diamond golf community have a yearly tournament and the members hire guides to fish the tournament. I was lucky to have this ladies team and they did fine. The day was quite breezy and cold which made conditions tough, but I believe they secured the big fish prize with Ellen's monster snook. This one is going to be a tough fish to beat in the big fish category and I hope she wins the prize. A couple trout and small red fish also filled out the day and I can't thank you both enough for the fun time... Capt. Dan
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