Wednesday, Nov 06 2013

Another Crystal River Slam....

Well.... Unfortunately, I had to cancel another grouper trip due to the recent windy conditions, but I was to save the day with my good friend Capt. Randy Hodges. Randy is a life long friend of mine, excellent fisherman and knows some of the deep Ozello back country like no one else. We shared some trade secrets and had a blast. He and I took turns poling the Silver King around and we found some nice trout and red fish. The wind made it a bit tough to sight fish, but one particular red fish was tailing so perfect, I wish we could have got it on video. The day ended with a pair of river snook and I'm hoping tomorrows conditions are favorable for trolling up some gags. Here's Randy with a fine Crystal River snook... Capt. Dan
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I always want every trip to be a perfect day, especially with the weather; but today we definitely had less than "favorable" conditions. I had Bill and Hazel on board from New Mexico and we made the best of a windy situation. We loaded up after 8am and made our way to the flats. The tide was dumping out hard and it kept getting lower. We started picking up quite a few trout, but the wind went in to fourth gear and it was rough. White caps and frothy on top of the swells - it wasn't fun. To save the day, we found a good school of small snook in the river and we landed nine on them to bend the rod. I wish the conditions could have been better, but we hung in there and had a fun time. Here's Hazel with one of today's Crystal River snook....
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Friday, Nov 01 2013

Crystal River Slam....

Tough conditions for us today and what it ever windy. I had Sunny on board for the day and she was ready to catch a few fish. I had grouper in mind, but with the weather; it wasn't going to happen. We stayed inshore and actually caught a Crystal River slam. Snook in river and trout, red fish and a hefty sheepshead on the flats. The SW wind was gusting extremely strong, but we toughed it out and had a fun day. I thank you for the great time and look forward to next time... Capt. Dan
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Wednesday, Oct 23 2013

Cold Front Blues....

A slow one today and we kind of expected it with the big weather change and high winds. Phil was with me for his final day of a couple day fishing trip and I'm glad the conditions were much better on the first two trips. Today, for the most part, we tucked up in the river, caught a few small snook, lady fish, mangrove snapper and jacks. We made a drift out side the river for a couple trout and that was about it for the fishing action. I showed Phil the rest of the river and springs before we called it a day. A fun few days and I thank you for the great time. Enjoy all the fish and we'll see you next time... Capt. Dan
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Tuesday, Sep 10 2013

Busman's Holiday!!!

Just a fun day with my good friend Capt. Clay Shidler and we had our selves a Crystal River slam. My boat is getting detailed for a couple of days and Clay also had the day off; so he called me and said "lets' go fishing". I met him at his house on the river, loaded up his dog Nick and we hit the creeks. We spent the morning way back in Ozello and this young man took me to a couple places I haven't seen in many years. We targeted the various rocky shorelines and points with top water plugs and lucky enough, we caught a couple red fish, a trout and a snook. A fun time exploring, catching a few fish and we ended our day with the best chicken wings in town at Lollygaggers Sports Pub & Grill. Here's a fantastic picture of Clay and Nick with a Ozello red fish... Capt. Dan
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Saturday, Aug 31 2013

Crystal River Running Small....

They can't be big ones everyday and on today's charter, they definitely eluded us. I had Rick, Don and Mario on board and after we dodged the morning storms, it turned out to be a pretty nice day. We covered a bunch of ground from the North Shore off Crystal River to the back country in Dixie bay. The guys had action with red fish, mangrove snapper and a little pup snook, but we just couldn't get on any fish of any size. It was still a fun day and with super high tide from the steady SW wind, I gave the guys a great boat ride though the creeks. Thank you all for your efforts and here's Rick with a future trophy snook... Capt. Dan
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Friday, Aug 09 2013

Bonus Snook, but No Gags...

After today's trip, I think I may have to go to 100lb test.... Tough day for grouper fishing and unfortunately, we weren't able to turn any of those big gags today. Brad, Robert and Bran joined me today out of Crystal River and with beautiful conditions for going offshore, we made it a grouper day. A quick stop on the way out and we filled the livewell with pinfish and ran to some of my favorite ledges. Hook up after hook up, but we just couldn't turn them around today. We did land some sharks, cobia, rays and short grouper, but the big dogs escaped us. A hefty snook took us for a ride some 13 miles offshore and was quite a surprise when he jumped next to the boat. A great time today and we'll get them next time. Here's Robert with today's offshore bonus snook... Capt. Dan
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I send a big thank you to my great guide friends; Capt's. Mark Zorn, William Toney, Rick Spratt, Jonathan Hamilton, Don Chancey and Clay Shidler for doing an outstanding job with this years Veterinary group. This years trip consisted of seven boats with 17 anglers and "wow", did we catch them. The boats totaled over 80 keeper trout with a couple nice red fish, Spanish mackerel and Capt. Z's team won big fish with a heavy weight snook. I was a little worried with the weather forecast, but we dodged a couple showers and made it through the day. Nicole did great planning the trip and all the guests had a excellent Crystal River fishing experience. Here's my crew with fine catch of trout and we even released several keepers to leave some for tomorrow... Capt. Dan
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Monday, Apr 08 2013

Crystal River-Grand Slam!!!

My guest Matt accomplished what only very few Nature Coast anglers in our area have done and that's a Grand Slam. Snook, trout, red fish and we even found a bonus tripletail, all in today's Crystal River charter. Matt only gets to fish a couple times a year, so I pointed out some locations for him to try and we caught some different species in all the areas we covered. Today's trout were scattered inshore on the flats and we caught a couple keepers on DOA glow jerk baits. Next, we caught a beautiful snook jigging MirrOlure Lil' John's along the rocks and also landed a hefty tripletail floating on a nearby crab buoy, that couldn't resist a shrimp.  And to end the day, we hit the creeks and sight fished a slot red fish to top our charter. I thank you Matt for the great day and a big congratulations on your achievement... Capt. Dan
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We hit it out of the park today! Myself and Capt. Mark Zorn fished the Kilebrew party for an excellent day of Crystal River Fishing. I had Bob, Greg and Brad on board and the trout fishing couldn't have been better. From the oyster bars to the rock piles, the trout action was excellent. My team primarily used MirrOlure Lil' Johns in the new Bourbon color (I really like this color, and so do the fish) on 1/8th oz DOA cal jig heads. We had some added bonus species for the day including snook, pompano and Spanish mackerel. The entire group did oustanding with both boats bringing in their limit of trout and Capt. Z had several more macks to end the day. I thank you all for the great time and for more pictures, please visit the Crystal River Fishing facebook page... Capt. Dan
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