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    24 Custom Proline Bay

    My boat is a custom one of a kind Proline 24 Bay

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    Silver King 16 Signature

    A legendary skiff and "THE" tarpon skiff for fishing the Crystal River & Homosassa River area.

    I have it custom rigged with dual 109 lb thrust 36 volt trolling motors, elevated casting platform and powered by the finest - a 115 Pro XS Mercury Optimax.
Monday, May 16 2016

Tarpon Opener...

A very good start to the 2016 tarpon season and we've seen several fish and brought one boat side. I always take the first couple days and go scouting, with some of the other guides and good friends. Today I was out with a great friend and excellent Homosassa guide, Capt. Jim Farrior and we caught a fish in the seventy pound class on the long rod. The fish ate the classic purple/black color combination and we spent the rest of the day spotting a few other schools of fish and running south towards Bayport. A great day and I thank you for letting me have the bow of the boat for the day... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Feb 06 2016

At the Vise...

Yes folks, it appears we've hit that time of February weather; when it's just to lousy to make it out. Since Wednesdays last charter, we've had a couple fronts come through, with quite a bit of rain and now the forecast for the upcoming week - high winds and pretty chilly temperatures." Not all is lost" as my good client Bill Lent says, and I'm busy at the vise tying tarpon flies and my July Wyoming vacation flies. I hope to make it out soon and thank you for the patience to all, that I've had to cancel... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Jan 19 2016

"Chazz" Reds on Fly...

I canceled today's scheduled charter to go offshore sheepshead fishing with the forecast looking to rough to make it out. Not one to sit at home though, I contacted my good friend Cade to see if he wanted to hit the Chazz back country, and broaden my knowledge of the area. Cade knows this area incredibly well and it's always a treat to go on a boat ride with him. We sight fished about 10 red fish and a couple over slot ones on the fly rod. It's been over three years since we shared a boat together and I thank you for a great day. Here's one of my red fish I caught on the log rod, back in the "Chazz" swamp.... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Jul 30 2015

Wyoming Wrap Up...

The end to an unbelievable Wyoming vacation for 2015. This was my 5th year traveling to the Jackson hole area fly fishing and to sum up this year, I would have to say "perfect". All the streams fished very well and the size and quality of the trout this year were by far superior to years past. I tried new flies and still a purple madam x continues to produce very well; along with the deer/elk hair caddis and yellow sally imitations. My wife really shined this trip and her angling skills excelled to a new level and it definitely showed with her big fish catches. The weather was great and seasonably cool for the time of year. We actually had ice on the deck of the house the day we left and on the plane in Jackson. A memorable trip with some great friends, family and I always look forward to this trip. Here's one of the last fish from our trip, a beautiful Bonneville cutthroat "the rarest of the four species"; that came out of a creek you could hop across. Thank you all for following my posts, and I'm ready to get back to the gulf and some saltwater flavors. Rain, Rain go away and let's go FISHING!!! Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Jul 26 2015

Road Trip...

A bit of a road trip today towards the Pindale area and wanted to check out a stream I've read about over the years. We ventured over towards the Horse creek area and even though it was a two hour drive, it was definitely worth it. It was great taking the scenic drive along the Green River drainage and eventually made it to our destination. Becky and I hopped in the creek and it was fish on. We landed over twenty cutthroats in a couple hours, with a couple closing in on the 20" mark. Another outstanding stream in the Wyoming wilderness and here's another beautiful fine spotted cutthroat... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Jul 24 2015

Idaho Browns....

We left the high mountain streams today, and took a drive to the lower meadow sections in Idaho. I haven't caught many brown trout over the years, but the few I have; I love them. Soon as they feel the hook, they jump immediately and they are a blast. We used small hopper imitations, actually the Letort hopper designed by my favorite fly tier Ed Shenk; and they worked great. Targeting the under cut banks brought the trout to the top and a great afternoon was spent in Idaho... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Jul 21 2015

Rain, Cold and Cutthroats...

Not the typical beautiful Wyoming day and it was a cold one "especially for July". The day started out excellent on the creek with mayfly's hatching and rising trout. We had an hour of perfect conditions and basically sight fished rising trout. We caught about a dozen of beauty's, then came the rain. The bite turned off on the top and we scrapped out a couple more fish through out the day on cone head wooly-buggers. Still a fun day in one of my favorite places in the world... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Jul 19 2015

Surprise Rainbow...

One thing you know, is you never know. Well, that was our situation for yesterday's trip as we ventured to the headwaters of another high mountain stream. This stream eventually reaches the Green River and from our fishing location, we were over 50 miles from it. Saturday felt like a typical December day at home after a cold front with a overcast chilly 45 deg day. The weather didn't stop us and we put on the fly vest and hit the stream. Some fine brook trout, Colorado cutthroats and a beautiful surprise rainbow trout filled out our day. Becky was once again the one with the hot rod as she hooked in to the rainbow "which isn't supposed to be in this stream". She fought beautifully, took some great pictures and released her quickly. Another great day in Wyoming and we're down to 10 days to go... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Jul 17 2015

Big Cut's...

The absolute best day we've experience in the five years we've been fishing Wyoming. My wife, good friend Jim and I made a 2 hour drive to a high altitude mountain stream towards the Wind River range. We arrived at the stream and several caddis and mayfly hatches were occurring. We each tied on some small sized imaginations in the 16 to 18 range and it was the ticket. On this day we landed several trout over 20" and the majority of them we're in the 12" and larger range. Targeting foam pockets on the top side of pools were the ticket for these real large fish. A unbelievable day and here's Becky with a beautiful fine spotted cutthroat... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Jul 15 2015

Colorado Cutthroats...

Another update from Wyoming and the dry fly trout fishing continues to be outstanding. We recently made a 180 mile round trip trek to some high elevation streams and caught some really beautiful Colorado cutthroat trout and brook trout. We experienced a full change in weather from blue skies and sunshine, rain and hail. The trout didn't seen to mind as they were aggressively attacking our elk hair caddis with abandon. The size of the fish were quality, averaging 12" - 15". I'll check back in in a couple days and here's my large Colorado cutthroat from Tuesday's trip... Capt. Dan

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